Saturday, February 18, 2012

Phuket 29 Apr - 2 May 2011

 Phuket International Airport
 Somtam (kerabu mangga) costs about THB100. THB100 = RM10.05
 Three flavoured fried fish (Ikan masak tiga rasa). Price is about THB250-400 depending on the weight.
 Nightlife scene along Bangla Road
 Bungy Trampolines at Jungceylon, the only modern shopping mall in Patong Town
Outside Jungceylon
 Another angle of Jungceylon
 Model ship at Jungceylon
 Jungceylon is Patong's first modern air-con shopping mall
 Announcement of Thai Boxing fights is carried out everyday using loudspeakers.
 Hard Rock Cafe Phuket
 Hard Rock Cafe Phuket
 Patong Beach
 Patong Beach

 Patong Beach
 Town bus connecting Patong Beach and Phuket Town on the other side of the island. The journey takes about 45 minutes and costs THB25.
 Phuket Butterfly, home to species of butterflies and insects.
 Main entrance of Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World

 Thai's tourism industry is very developed. Tours can be purchased at information centres and pick up can be arranged from hotel.
 A model of BUddha House
 Buildings around Patong Beach
 A halal hawker selling authentic Thai food. Notice that food is prepared across the road.

 A view from the most northern part of Patong Beach
 View allong Patong Beach
 Thailand's tuk-tuk,a budget type taxi service.
 Shops along Bangla Road heading towards Patong Beach
 Scene of Bangla Road in the afternoon
 Replica football jersey is sold for around THB300-700 depending on quality
 A view in front of Jungceylon along Thanon Rat-U-Thit
 Ground level of Jungceylon

 Thanon Rat-U-Thit, the busiest road in Patong Beach
 Kusuma Restaurant, one of many halal seafood restaurant in Phuket
 A double room at Viking Residence costs THB680 a night, excluding breakfast

 All the basic necessities are provided in this 2 star hotel

 Shops along Thanon Rat-U-Thit
 For replica collectors, almost all of the favorite players jerseys can be found in Patong Beach market.

International Departure Hall, Phuket International Airport


  1. Is that shop selling soccer jerseys for 400-700 baht on Bangladesh Road

    1. Stupid auto correct Bangla Road

    2. And how about that other shop selling soccer jerseys