Thursday, February 17, 2011

Laos 12-15 Feb 2011

Flying over the Gulf of Thailand, on the way to Laos
Wattay International Airport, Vientiane, Laos
Various animal skulls on exhibition at the main terminal building of the airport
This Indian Muslim restaurant offers Halal food, including Malaysian food

The riverside of Mekong undergoing major construction with the aid of Korean Government

Scenes at night market along riverside 

Facilities provided by Lao Government near a park along Fa Ngum Road

Foreigners taking photos in front of Presidential Palace
Talat Sao Mall, the only shopping mall in Vientiane
Talat Sao - Morning Market, next to the mall

Shops selling gold and gemstones at the mall
A popular mini market along the riverside 

Pha That Luang, the national symbol and most important religious monument of Laos
A tuk-tuk in Vientiane
3000 kips is about RM1.20
Most of the signs are in dual language, Lao and French
Laos National Assembly


Views from the top of Patuxay
Brief history of Patuxay

A twin room at LV City Riverine Hotel along the riverside costs USD30 a night, including breakfast
Baguette, a French word for bread
National Stadium
Lao Cultural Hall
Lao National Museum
Street leading to Nam Phu Fountain

Exotic drinks only to be found in Laos

Chicken Briyani costs LAK30,000
DVDs, LAK5,000 is about RM2
Generally most shops accept USD and THB although this reminder can be found everywhere in Vientiane
View inside Talat Sao Mall
Presidential Palace
Another famous Indian Muslim shop along riverside
Patuxay at night
The famous Lao coffee